Nomanna Oprah

A young African female writer and humanitarian with a passion for words and a drive to make a change.

Rape Culture: A letter to School and Society

You told me not to talk to strangers and not to accept anything from them. Society taught me to respect my elders, and not to argue, traditions found ways to promote strangers to ‘aunt’, ‘uncle’ and ‘grandfather without my consent. I was never comfortable calling him uncle but when I tried to raise that issue I'm disciplined on respect. They were strangers to me, but mom and dad have known them for what felt like forever they are like family, and I guess I was supposed to be safe right? I was never taught on how to deal with my uncle touching me uncomfortably, or when my other "uncle" stared at me a little too long, like imagine my family's embarrassment when I recited your lesson on violation without stuttering?! So I was taught to swallow it up and be okay with it all, at least until something bad enough that can give mom, gran and the judge undoubting evidence that it did happen. Until then it is his words against mine, right?

3 factors feeding the Poverty Culture in the rural community

"We are not poor, we are just going through a moment of poverty" There is a difference between going through poverty and being poor, this difference is easily overlooked. Going through poverty is a phase that passes, however being poor can be viewed as a static state that is engraved in you and too soon it becomes a deadly culture preventing growth.In 2019 I dedicated the year in landing my hand in rural development and growth within communities plagued by what I call the Poverty Culture. This